Development License

This server currently uses a development license. If you are using this server in a production environment, please notify immediately.
mod_userdir is disabled
Web server processes on this system currently run as the user. For security reasons, mod_userdir is disabled in this case. Consequently, no changes you make in this interface will take effect until mod_userdir is enabled. To use mod_userdir, you must disable mod_ruid2 and mpm_itk and recompile EasyApache.

Apache’s mod_userdir allows users to view their sites by entering a tilde (~) and their username as the URI on a specific host. For example will bring up the user fred’s domain. The disadvantage of this feature is that any bandwidth usage used by this site will be put on the domain it is accessed under (in this case mod_userdir protection prevents this from happening. You may however want to disable it on specific virtual hosts (generally shared ssl hosts).

Enable mod_userdir Protection
Host Exclude Protection Additional Users
DefaultHost (nobody)