Development License

This server currently uses a development license. If you are using this server in a production environment, please notify immediately.

Select Your Backup Configuration Options Below

Backup Status

Backup Interval
(Note: By selecting the Daily backup option, you will receive Monthly and Weekly as well, unless you choose not to retain them below. By selecting the Weekly backup option, you will receive Monthly as well, unless you choose not to retain them below.)
Backup Retention
Days to Run Backup

Remount/Unmount Backup Drive
(This setting requires a separate drive or other mount point.)
Bail Out if Backup Drive Mount Fails
(This setting is recommended if you set Remount/Mount.)
Incremental Backup
(This setting will only back up items that have changed.) (**No Compression**, not compatible with FTP backups.)
Backup Accounts
Compress Account Backups
Backup Configuration Files
(This setting is not needed for account restoration.)
Backup SQL Databases
(You must choose the Per Account option to use the restore feature.)

Backup Access Logs
Backup Bandwidth Data
Use local DNS zone files rather than retrieving the latest zone updates from the cluster. (Improves performance, but DNS zone changes may be lost if they are made on a different system in the cluster.)
Backup Type
EXPERIMENTAL: Use Hard Links for weekly and monthly backups to reduce disk usage and backup time (incremental backups only).
Remote FTP Host
(Remote FTP Backup Only)
FTP Backup User
(Remote FTP Backup Only)
FTP Backup Password
(Remote FTP Backup Only)
FTP Backup Directory
Optionally, a directory called cpbackup in the root of the account’s FTP directory will be used if none is specified.
For Example: /home/fred/cpbackup, /backup/cpbackup, /files/cpbackup
(Remote FTP Backup Only)
FTP Backup Timeout -- in seconds (Remote FTP Backup Only)
Default to 120 seconds if none is specified.
FTP Backup Passive Mode
(This setting is required if you are behind a firewall or if FTP backups fail.)
Backup Destination
(This should be a directory, drive, or mount point with at least twice the space of all your /home* partitions. Setting this to /home is strongly discouraged.)
Select Specific Users