Development License

This server currently uses a development license. If you are using this server in a production environment, please notify immediately.

Backup Configuration

Global Settings

This option will enable or disable backup activity.

This option saves all of your information, and uses less disk space, but it takes more time to complete.
Timeout must be between 300 and 50,000.

Enter the number of seconds the backup will attempt to run. If the backup attempt is not successful in this time, it will timeout and stop.

Timeout must be between 600 and 86,400.

Enter the number of seconds the restore will attempt to run. If the restore attempt is not successful in this time, it will timeout and stop.

Scheduling and Retention

At least one day must be selected for daily backups.
Daily retention must be between 1 and 9999.


This option allows root users to assign a specific backup system to each user.

This option allows you to enable or disable backups for suspended accounts.

When enabled this option confines the domain lookup to this server only, and does not query the DNS cluster.

This option is not needed for account restoration, but it is needed for server restoration. Enabling this option is highly recommended.


At least “Per Account” is needed to use the restore feature.

Configure Backup Directory

Invalid path to the backup folder.

You must enter an absolute path to the local backup directory.

NOTE: Filesystem quotas are enabled. To prevent performance degradation, the system automatically disables quotas on non-root filesystems that contain a backup destination.

This option retains backups in the default local backup directory, even after the system transfers the backups to another destination.

If this option is not selected, backups will be deleted after being moved to another destination.

This option requires a separate drive or other mount point.

Additional Destinations

Destination Transport System Backup Status Actions
Please wait while destinations are loaded.